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Travel Health Insurance
Travel Medical Insurance While Traveling Abroad
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Student Insurance
Health insurance for students, scholars & faculty
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Missionary Insurance
Medical insurance for traveling missionaries
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Business & Employer Insurance
For business travelers and employers
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Marine & Crew Insurance
Marine crew members and captains are covered
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Trip & Travel Insurance
Get coverage for trip cancellation, interruptions etc
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Long Term Travel Insurance
Travel insurance for long term, renewed annually
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Schengen Visa Insurance
Insurance that meets Schengen requirements
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Travel Insurance For Seniors
Insurance plan for seniors over 60, 65, 70 etc.
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Worldwide Travel Insurance Online

Why You Need The Best Overseas Travel Insurance Online

Although traveling abroad can be a very exciting experience, a medical emergency while abroad could potentially ruin your entire trip. That is why getting worldwide travel insurance online is always a wise choice. Here at Tramedin you can get an overseas travel insurance policy that covers travelers of all kinds, such as students, missionaries, senior citizens, business travelers, crew members and more.

Why Would I Need World Travel Insurance Coverage?

By their very nature, emergencies tend to happen when you least expect them. Imagine the horror of being thousands of miles away from home, and suddenly you suffer a sprained ankle. You are in excruciating pain and need to be rushed to a private doctor immediately. The doctor examines your foot, and to your horror, you realize that your ankle has actually been broken.

The nearest orthopedist is in the United States, and you need to be airlifted. Sounds expensive right? Without a travel insurance international plan, you would be stuck with a bill for thousands of dollars. If however, you were covered by one of our travel insurance plans then your policy would cover most or all of the costs.

Situations like happen more often than you may think, so It is always wise to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario and maintain your peace of mind if or when emergencies arise.

World Travel Insurance Coverage
Travel Insurance Brokers

Why Choose TRAMEDIN As Your Travel Insurance Brokers

  • Travel insurance plans can be purchased quickly online
  • There is a plan for every person and every travel package
  • You have access to 24-hour support
  • Our travel insurance specialists have over 20 years of track record
  • Many of our policies meet Schengen visa insurance requirements
  • Get travel insurance worldwide, for any destination imaginable
  • Our providers have support teams that speak over 18 languages
  • Get access to a database with over 800,000 doctors & hospitals

Which Travel Insurance Overseas Plan Should I Get?

This greatly depends on your situation. Many factors influence the type of travel insurance that is right for you, including your reason for traveling, if you want the option to cancel your plan at any time, how long you will be traveling, are you looking for coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancelation? Each plan also has a limit on how much is covered, and deductible. Browse through our list of plans, and if you still have questions contact our travel insurance providers for advice.

Travel Insurance Overseas
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Plan Highlights

  • Travel medical insurance for individuals, families, and groups
  • Travel medical insurance for individuals, families, and groups
  • Travel medical insurance for individuals, families, and groups